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We are specialists in buying from and selling to China.

Our mission is to create value and lower risk in sourcing and trading between China and the world by establishing strategic long-term relationships with partners who have innovative and sustainable technologies and with customers who value them. We don’t just buy and sell goods; we are into building relationships that make a difference, creating value and generating long-term profits.

Integrity & Initiative, our two core values, lead us towards our vision of a more sustainable world, which for our specific products & services means: spaces and buildings made of ecologically-minded, sustainable goods; industrial machinery that is integrated into circular-economy projects or into sustainable ones; and healthier food.


We are experts in selling food to China.

We trade food internationally, but we also import and distribute inside China. Our own regional sourcing offices in South America allow us to buy and sell food at very competitive prices.


Industrial Machinery

We sell machinery for several industries like food & beverages, ethanol, paper, cement, glass, metal and plastic.

We save our customers money and, more importantly, we are a critical factor of success in the construction of their industrial plants.

Together with Porta Hnos and Dupont, we are currently selling integrated biorefineries that create bio-synergies in agribusiness: biomass, biofuel, food and feed, all come together as we make the circular economy a reality. See videos of this worldwide patented and innovative technology. We are also selling Porta and Dupont’s technology for converting sugarcane ethanol plants into “flex” plants that can also produce corn ethanol with minimum investment.


Building Materials

Our strategic partnership with China’s strongest factories give us an advantage over our competitors.

We sell building materials such as porcelains and ceramic tiles, fiberglass, PC and acrylic sheets, wire, prefabricated homes and buildings, safeboxes and home tools.


Sourcing Q & C

Every product we buy and sell is scrupulously checked for quality compliance by our own quality control department in the countries where we have regional offices.

In China our quality control department runs pre-shipment inspections for other companies as well, and provide procurement services for selected customers (see video).